Energy audit

Earthwise offer a five-step energy audit of your commercial property to help you save money by reducing energy and water use.  Saving energy is one the simplest and cheapest ways to make your business smarter, leaner and greener (if you want to save the planet).  Stand out from the crowd!

For a company with a 10% profit margin over 3 years, saving £1,000-a-year on energy makes the same profit as £30,000 of extra sales as 10% of £30,000 is £3,000 when divided by 3 years = £1,000-a-year.  This could be money in your pocket or reinvested in your business!

Every business is different, and there’s no set recipe for saving energy and money.  Different premises have different issues and we have worked with a wide variety of businesses from local shops to large offices.  The one thing they all have in common is they can all make big savings.

Read a case study of how we found £35,000 a year savings during an energy audit for a business in London. This was 30% of their energy bills!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with an energy audit.  We’re happy to meet for a coffee to discuss your needs if you’re in Brighton & Hove, London or the South or call us for a chat on Skype.

We can help you improve your bottom line now and in the future with our five-step energy audit.


Our five-step energy audit:

1. During our five step energy audit we:

2. Analyse the energy and water used at your premises as a baseline

3. Do an onsite energy audit collecting information on how your premises are built and what systems there are in the building for lighting, heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation

 4. Work out the most suitable energy efficient & renewable energy options

 5.Work out the cost of investment, potential savings with payback & return on investment

 6.Highlight any grant opportunities and can help you apply

Our energy audits are produced by qualified accredited commercial energy assessors.  Our team of experts have lots of experience working with a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. 

We have a strong track record of successfully securing grant funding to help our clients reduce the capital cost of installation.  To read about how we have helped people by securing grants read a case study.

If you would like to see a sample energy audit of how an audit of your business might look then please contact us

We can monitor the energy use after measures have been installed so that you can see the savings.  We also offer commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs).

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“Really helpful, suggested lots of ways for us to improve our business and bottom line.”

David Fox, Bike Shop, Client

“Earthwise undertook an energy audit of one of our sites with high bills. The audit was very comprehensive and the report was excellent. It detailed all of the areas of improvement we could make and gave a range of recommendations including cost estimates which enabled us to plan the phasing of the works and outlined the savings to expect once they have been completed. This has led to us requesting Earthwise to complete audits for all of our sites and I would recommend this organisation in a heartbeat as I continually seek their advice and guidance.”


Astrid Hayles, Ethical Property Company, Maintenance & Refurbishment Manager